Ree is a Dance Painter.
She can dance and paint in pointe shoes.
She started this performance from her imagination of the colors spreading while dancing.
She performed it at many art and company events in Japan and also collaborated with many types of artists.
The works that were painted have a theme, for example, “The whirlpool” and “The galaxy” and so on. This is an abstract of arc lines. But she can create any lines like straight lines and dots by changing her movement.
Then, she also paints flowers, trees, birds, fish, and characters.
Finished paintings were described as if they were alive, and a lot of people were moved by it.
She also dances on-stage and in music videos, and designs fashion and interior.

Media & Awards

“The Foreign Minister’s Award”, animal protection event, Shibuya Stream, Japan
“Best Feature Film”, Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards, Italy / GOLDEN WHEAT AWARDS, Turkey
“JURY SPECIAL AWARDS”, Andromeda Film Festival, Turkey
Performance & Workshop
“Independent Tokyo 2020” by TAGBOAT, Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, Japan
“De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper 2019”, street performance festival, Ieper, Belgium
“JAPANISM”, joint exhibition, One Art Space, New York
“TEDx Meiji university”, TED event, Meiji University, Japan
“SOREL and Greenroom Festival”, shoe brand event, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Japan
“AEON MALL Morioka 12th anniversary”, a shopping mall event, AEON MALL Morioka, Japan
“Hansel and Gretel”, opera performance, Nissay Theatre, Japan
“Making vases following neutral mind and body”, THREE brand cosmetics workshop, Hibiya Midtown, Japan
“Spring Art Festival”, AMIGO art complex event, Atelier AMIGO, Japan
“High-spec women by Manami Hashimoto”, TV show, Japan
“Let’s play with artists by Chiaki Mayumura”, TV show, Japan
“Design Code”, TV show, Japan

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